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Heaven... What's it like?  Who goes?  - Sunday, June 7 @ 10:30am

Do you ever wonder what happens when you die?  And if Heaven is real then what will it be like and am I going? Two key questions that we will be looking at this week. 
Join us live Sunday at 10:30am or anytime afterwards.

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I can't get no satisfaction - May 10, 2020

Ranting @ God - May 31, 2020

Ever go on a good rant?  Come on.. we all do.   What about with God?  Ever get so upset or discouraged or overwhelmed, that you just 'rant @ God?'   Is that allowed?  Is that sin?  Good questions.  This week we continue with the theme of suffering and how our rants can actually help us not only navigate our suffering, but draw us closer to God.