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A Different Christmas...

This Christmas is going to be different.  For many, many reasons - no argument there!  There are many factors that we can't control, but we can control our response.  We can still Look for HOPE.  Join us this Christmas season as we focus our attention not on the message of HOPE.

Looking for Love - Dec 6, 2020
Ok, Christmas is different - that is news to no-one. But do we need to dwell on this fact? How about instead we say this 'Christmas is different.. yet we still look for HOPE.' What if our focus became direct towards the hope that Christmas brings no matter the circumstance we are facing. This week join us as we kick off our new series.
Got Peace? Dec 13, 2020
Is PEACE lacking in your life? STRESSED, DISRUPTED, OVERRUN with the UNCERTAINTY of COVID. No wonder why PEACE seems so elusive. Join us this week as we look beyond coping mechanisms to discover real and lasting PEACE.
Christmas Eve - 'Christmas is different... yet we still look for Hope!' Dec 24, 2020
Join us this Christmas Eve Online as we gather in our homes, to SING familiar carols, HEAR words of promise and REFLECT upon a message of HOPE.
How do you get from a place of suffering to hope? Dec 27, 2020
It's been a year with lots of upheaval. Likely a year in which you've experienced suffering. How do you go from a place of suffering to hope? Join us this Sunday as we explore that.
How do we fit into God's life? Jan 3, 2021
Happy new year! Join us this Sunday at 10:30am (or later...!) as we look how we fit into God's life.