In these COVID-19 times, we want to be there for those that need assistance. Check out www.forparis.ca if you either need assistance or want to volunteer to help other out. 


At PPC we are committed to serving others through a variety of ways.  Community dinners, visiting those in Boarding homes, summer kids camps, worship services at retirement homes and always looking to be engaged in our community through our #forparis initiatives.

 We are also involved in outreach internationally through prison ministry in Malawi, refugee sponsorship, and building projects in Nicaragua. We support World Vision annually through a community luncheon raising funds through their catalog program and sponsor 70 kids around the world.

The Raw Carrot is a social enterprise that is reaching people in our community and creating even more awareness of our church and our heart to help others. It is a ministry that provides a hand up instead of simply a hand out. Through the hiring of individuals on disability; the Raw Carrot provides jobs to people who otherwise have barriers to traditional employment. It is a ministry that is not only growing in Paris but is expanding to other areas in southwestern Ontario.

Raw Carrot

WMS Helen Young Auxiliary    

One of the longest functioning groups at PPC is the auxiliary organized in 1938 which has met monthly except July/August every second Thursday until the Covid restrictions made it impossible.  Our Helen Young auxiliary meeting focus is Worship, Missions, Service and might include mission study, guest speakers from community or simply discussions e.g.re T&R Call to Action.  We donate to Paris Christmas Hampers, Raw Carrot enterprise, WICNC in Winnipeg and National WMS through free will monthly offerings.  Every two years the National WMS Together We Can Fund raises for one International and one National project. 

If you are interested in joining us for future events please contact...                                                                                        

Shirley Miller shirlguym@gmail.com 1- 519-4427570                                                                                                                  


Margo Kopp e-m-kopp@rogers.com/ 1-519-302-1234