The Latest PodCast - 'Why Relationships Matter' September 25th, 2022

I am sure we have all felt the impact of Covid when it comes to relationships.  Being isolated makes life more difficult.  Have you ever considered that there is a significant reason for that?  Perhaps, God has wired us in a way that requires community.  Join us this week as we look at why relationships matter and some next steps to take to get back on track ‘with people’.  Enjoy it!

ALPHA - We are excited to announce that another Alpha Course is starting up 

on October 17th at 7:30pm.  If you haven't done the course, or if you

know others who haven't, please contact for more

information or to register.  It is a wonderful way to meet new people

and discuss the questions that you have about God with others. 

Our next Community Dinner will be on Thursday night September 29th at 5:30pm.  Doors open at 5pm.  Bring some friends and get to know others.  All are welcome!

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Join us Sundays @ 10:30am. In person or online.  Come as you are.  Dress is casual.  We provide a full kids program and nursery.  We look forward to meeting you! 

Beyond Sunday

What's happening during the week? 


Join our next Alpha course that begins October 17th @ 7:30pm.  Over 1 million people in Canada have experienced Alpha, and millions more have taken Alpha in over 100 countries and over 100 languages around the globe.  Join us for this next one!